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Now more than ever, the world needs to see brujas exercising our gifts. This is a space to celebrate our sacred energy. We work to develop creativity, intuition, and all manner of occult arts. We are excited to share our gifts and thoughts with the world, and we appreciate your patience with our work in progress.



We create spiritual remedies, original witchy works of art, and dressed candles for a multitude of purposes.  We believe in helping others to discover their own personal power through self care and creative expression.




 and Spiritual Worker


Charlene has been reading tarot for over twenty years, since she was first gifted a deck at the age of thirteen. Born a lucid dreamer, Charlene uses her connection to the dream realm to communicate with ancestors and to receive messages. Charlene was born into a spiritual family and has bruja lineage. Although her family's practices were shrouded in secrecy, Charlene has forged her own path in the world of witchcraft, and is committed to empowering brujas to recognize and develop their own personal abilities.

You can book a spiritual consultation or tarot reading with Char in the link below;


Casa De La Bruja

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